What 4 best Goal setting techniques for achieving success?

After a lot of research and comparison between the various systems and strategies out there, we have come up with a list that has four of the best goal-setting techniques out there.

Best goal setting models for 2023

Why are smart goals important


SMART goals hit the target


Know where you're aiming with your goals




Best goal-setting techniques:
PACT goals | GROW goals | CLEAR goals | SMART goals

If you’re interested in a specific model can follow the links above for detailed breakdowns or continue with the article for comparison and review.

best goal setting strategies
Be SMART, make sure you’re aiming at the right target

What are SMART goals?

The acronym was coined by George T. Doran in November 1981 with multiple additions and refinements being added to the model over the years! SMART goals are probably the most widespread goal-setting technique out there, laying the foundation for other models and helping millions set more achievable and realistic goals!



SMART goals are the foundation of good goal setting and can even be used in other strategic models. By first creating your goals in a SMART format and then adapting them to something like the GROW system, you will find that you have higher quality goals that are much more likely to be achieved!

Be sure to check out the full post on how to apply the SMART/R Model.

Learn how to set GROW goals
Grow your finances with GROW goals

What are GROW goals?

Developed in the UK, GROW stands for Goal, Reality, Option/Obstacle, and Way forward.


  • Adaptable goals
  • Takes external constraints into account
  • Draws a direct line to the solution
  • Big focus on outcome and execution of tasks


The GROW system is one of the best goal-setting techniques we’ve covered in this article. Especially when you are familiar with the other models and are able to apply your collective knowledge to the activity of planning your future success.

Be sure to check out the full post on the GROW system.

The best goal setting technique for clear achievable goals
Set CLEAR achievable goals!

What are CLEAR goals?

It was developed to make up for some of the shortcomings of SMART goals. Just like the GROW system, they put a lot of emphasis on Output and are also adaptable, allowing for your goals to grow and evolve along with your life. All in all a well-balanced model.


  • Takes passion and drive into the equation
  • Output and Outcome focussed
  • An adaptable system that allows your goals to grow.
  • Takes both internal and external circumstances into account.


The CLEAR system is a great stand-alone model that has an all-rounded outlook compared to some of the others. Be sure to check out our more detailed breakdown of the CLEAR system in its stand-alone article.

Making a Pact with yourself is a fantastic goal setting method
Make a PACT with yourself to succeed

What are PACT goals?

PACT goals use Output to determine Outcome. This means that they not only provide you with a system for setting goals but also provide you with an actionable plan for achieving them. They are focussed on achieving long-term goals by mastering short-term ones.


  • Focussed on controlled outputs.
  • Brings purpose into the planning.
  • Creates a clear path to success.


One of the most determining factors of PACT goals is that they bring the question of purpose into your efforts. This makes it one of the best goals setting techniques out there, simply because of the connection it makes to purpose.

Goals require purpose in order to be created, but end up creating a purpose for us as we pursue them, quite an interesting conundrum.

Catch the full article on how to set and achieve PACT goals here.

Hit your targets with the best goal setting techniques around
Find what works for you and hit those targets!

Best goal-setting technique model for you?

All the models we have discussed here are great resources to know when it comes to the activity of goal setting! Some of them are catered toward personal development, while others might be more applicable in a corporate or team environment. While they all offer solutions to the same tasks, it is important to remember none of them are perfect.

Good goals are:

The reason these are some of the best goal-setting techniques around is that they all follow logical steps to bring you to a similar destination. The real way to win at goal setting is to understand the intentions behind their methods. Try them all out and then decided what works for you. There is no rule that says you cannot combine the short terms benefits gained from SMART goals with the more outcome focussed PACT or GROW models.

In today’s modern world we have the distinct benefit of software and other digitized tools that help us keep track of the goals we seek to achieve. Be sure to check out our list of the best goal-setting tools to use in 2022.

Goal setting is also one of the cornerstones of mastering life, and the more effort you put into building your foundations, the more achievable results you will get from the practice!

Keep making good life decisions and you’ll keep getting good results!

Personal goals

Personal goals

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