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Frequently asked questions about Things Learned After Thirty

Learn a little more about what we are about, what we want to become and the vision we hope to share with the world.

We strive to create an archive of helpful articles that services an active community of readers on their journey of self-development. 

We try to make our content as helpful and insightful as possible. This saves our readers time, money & frustration, while allowing them to better make informed decisions on the topic they are trying to master. 

You can check out our about page for a more insights into this!

The Helpful and Practical kind! 

We try to create the type of content that is not only going to be useful, but also they type that can be practically applied.

We also run no 3rd party ads! All affiliate links you will find on here are from high-quality products and services that we use personally and are placed specifically by us! This means we can keep the placement relevant and to the content and don’t need to lower the quality of our content to keep repeating clickbaity ads.

Check out our partners page and you’ll see the quality of company we choose to keep! 

The site was designed by Bernard on WordPress, using Elementor for the animations, and Jetengine for the forms and databases. 

As for the hosting, it is done guy named Steve, who runs a business called Teracore, and loves talking about his stack a little too much… That being said, Steve’s software stack is pretty impressive, and really helped in getting this site to run as smoothly as it does!

A lot of growth! 

And lots of interesting projects! In 2023 our blog has officially entered its second year of existence, and with the recent revamp in UI/UX we will be looking to expand our community! This site has never been intended to remain a personal project, but instead hopes to grow into a platform where experienced and well qualified individuals are able to share their life experiences and lessons in a helpful and interesting manner! 

We have added a guest posting section as a well as author membership program to help more people share their life lessons and expand on the vision we have for the site.

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