Having an existential crisis?

Feeling life is meaningless? Like you have no purpose and that everything is akin to the bottom of an empty whisky glass? As if life and love have lost the color that once made them so appealing?

You’re probably having an existential crisis, however despite how disconnected you may feel right now:

This is not a bad thing!

In fact what you’re experiencing is less of a existential crisis and more of a

By the end of this article, you’ll not only understand why but look at the disconnect you’re feeling at the moment in a completely different way!

Let’s jump into it!

everyone experiences an existential crisis at some point

What is an existential crisis?

What are 6 symptoms of an existential crisis:

  1. Feelings of meaninglessness or emptiness
  2. Loss of purpose or direction in life
  3. Difficulty making decisions or finding motivation
  4. Increased feelings of anxiety or depression
  5. Difficulty finding enjoyment in activities or relationships
  6. A sense of disconnection from oneself or others

An important thing to understand is that most people feel like this at some point or another during their journey, often more than once, and for different reasons.

Let’s explore some of those reasons

7 Causes of an existential crisis:

Basically, an existential crisis can be triggered by anything that makes you question your reality. As humans, we live in a world of subjectivity, the individual variation in our existence makes up our worldview, which is usually structured around our ego.

shattering the ego triggers an existential crisis

What is our ego?

If you enter the world of psycho-analytics, the ego plays a large role in determining our sense of self, and how we react to the world around us and can be split into different types, both conscious and subconscious, which you can read about here on Wikipedia.

What does my ego have to do with my existential crisis?

An existential crisis only occurs when the ego is shaken or shattered

We can call this a little death of self.

When we experience this, our life no longer makes sense. Everything we have done suddenly seems meaningless, it can even go so far as to make us believe that everything we will ever do will be just as meaningless, which completely kills motivation and drive!

Luckily, this is something almost everyone experiences at some point or another, and with the right knowledge and outlook, it’s pretty easy to fix!

the shaking or shattering of the ego is what causes an existential crisis

How to overcome an existential crisis

If we conclude that an existential crisis stems from changes in the way we see the purpose of our existence, then logically, the way to resolve it is to find a new set of beliefs, that better match your new outlook.

To help us overcome this, accept the changes, and find new purpose, we will be looking at three things:

  • What the world expects us to do.
  • A few harsh truths about reality.
  • How we should really deal with it.

Let’s jump straight into it, and look at:

Turn an existential crisis into an existential opportunity by following the right steps

How the world expects us to deal with it

None of these are bad pieces of advice, in fact, most of these are really good practices and can make a big difference by helping you process your feelings and provide the frame of mind needed to grow into a better version of yourself.

5 things that can help during an existential crisis:

These all provide channels through which you can alleviate the strain and pressure you feel, and in some ways distract you long enough to allow you to process and readapt.

Unfortunately, they are all roundabout fixes and with the exception of reflection, none of them get to the crux of the problem or solution.

To do that, we need to first look at:

An existential crisis forces us to face some harsh truths about reality

Some harsh truths about life

Before we can turn an existential crisis, into an existential opportunity, we need first look at the nature of reality, and life in an objective way. This means detaching from our preconceived experiences and considering a few things that conventionally would not be considered pleasant conversations.

Quoting Loa Tzu:

Let’s look at

10 Harsh truths about life:

These are not here to break you down, but rather to give you some perspective. If you are currently going through an existential crisis, then sticking your head in the sand and playing ostrich is not going to fix it, and you will need to face and accept these facts if you want to be able to break free from the crisis and find your opportunity.

That said, while it’s important to recognize that life can be difficult and that we all face challenges and setbacks, it’s also important to try to maintain a sense of balance and perspective.

It’s okay to acknowledge the hardships of life, but it’s also important to remember that there are also many joys and positive experiences to be had.

How to turn that existential crisis into an existential opportunity

How we should really deal with an existential crisis

With serenity, courage, and wisdom!

There are many things in life you can’t control, but the narrative you tell yourself is not one of them. The power of personal belief has the ability to turn people into the greatest of monsters or the holiest of saints and influences the choices and actions they take throughout life.

The sheer fact that you are going through an existential crisis in the first place is an indicator of personal growth.

It was probably not something you chose that forced you to change, but it is an opportunity nonetheless. Most of us spend our lives, living in constant fear of the unknown, and are only too happy to fit into the comfortable predefined roles that are presented to us, but that is what leads to the crisis in the first place.

Horror vacui

or in English

Nature abhors a vacuum!

This is the true key to:

Turning an existential crisis into an existential opportunity

Depression and existential crises run hand in hand. Both are signs that your soul is unhappy with the character you’ve been playing.

You always have choices in the matter, and if certain beliefs or values or doing you harm, the best choice you can make is to face them, then replace them with ones that serve you!

To do this you need to do three things:


Fixing your life, fix your existential crisis

Take these steps and apply them to your life!

We can help you figure out how to do it, but the actual application is something you need to do for yourself. Just as the nature of the crisis is deeply personal, so is the process of turning it into an opportunity, and it’s reliant on personal accountability and direct action based on what you choose to value!

To create a purpose there must be a need for it, however, once we’ve created one for ourselves it takes over and becomes a beacon that provides us with drive and motivation.

By understanding that life never really had a point in the first place, and replacing the beliefs you now know to be wrong, you are using your crisis as an opportunity to create something meaningful for yourself.

and in exchange

Take a deep breath and smile

You’ve got this!

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