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They steps are pretty self explanatory and provided your idea is good, our submission process will help you turn it into a well formatted article optimized to rank and hopefully impact as many people as possible.

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While we have high standards for submissions there are no restrictions on having qualifications to be published on here, but it does help if we know why we should listen to you. 

To do this, upon selection for publication, we will also publish an author page linking to your website and social media profiles. 

These are mandatory and need to be real, people want to to know who is giving them their advice and why the should listen after all!

Lastly, it needs to be as factually correct and unbias as possible. 

We understand that writing completely unbiasedly as a perpetually biased being is basically impossible, but when submitting your work, you should still try to be as neutral and as factually correct as possible, not only will we check your work, but so will our readers.

This is not a forum for political agenda or unfounded opinions, there is literally a platform for that called twitter, where you can also follow us! 

In short, ensure that the story you choose to tell is well grounded, factually correct, and actually useful to people and you’ll pass without any problems.

Absolutely! In fact I would encourage it. Prompt engineering is going to be one of the most important careers of the future, and familiarizing yourself with understanding how language models work is only going to add wings to the tiger that is you!

Just don’t use it to write the entire article, it’s still your story that we want to hear, and if we wanted to cover an article half heartedly with just a few prompts, we could do that ourselves.

It will need to pass at least a 90% human content check from Originality.ai, which is not as terrible as it sounds if you’re only using GPT for research and to help compose articles, but will disqualify you completely if you’re just copying and pasting directly from most AI tools.

Once you have passed the submission process it’s pretty relaxed.

While the article will be published on your behalf, you will retain intellectual ownership and credit for it, however we reserve the right to make certain SEO related edits and to add relevant affiliate from the Things Learned After Thirty Partners, naturally only when they provided value to our readers.

Quality remains the first priority in our content

Our team of authors and editors reserve the full right of discretion in the content we approve for publication, however we will also always let you know why you were not approved in the event that your submission is declined. 

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