If you are wondering to yourself how to become a better student and become better at studying as a whole, you are in the right place.

From the moment we open our eyes for the first time, we are learning, it is a universal practice, just like breathing, and it is something we will keep doing until we eventually close them for the last time.

Yet learning is not the same as studying.

The difference between studying and learning


While incredibly similar and interconnected, what sets them apart is the practice itself.

While both are observational ways of absorbing knowledge, learning is something that we do automatically, where stuyding is something we do with a destinct purpose and dedicated practice.

While both are acts of improving knowledge and understanding, studying is a specific activity, focused on a specific goal and outcome, while learning is the entire process.

This article is specifically targeted at becoming people aiming to become better students. If you are interested in becoming better at learning in general, then I recommend you check out our pillar post on:

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learning new skills

Let’s explore:

how to become better at stuyding

Why you should become better at stuyding?

Studying is one of those skills that you will be using over and over again throughout your life, and if you are going to do something thousands of times, it really helps to learn how to do it right! Let’s look at:

5 Reasons why becoming good at studying is a great investment in yourself:

“Strive for perfection in everything you do. Take the best that exists and make it better. When it does not exist, design it.”

― Sir Henry Royce

Studying is a tool that will enable you to reach your dreams and achieve things you never thought possible!

How to become better at stuyding

15 practical tips on how to becoming a better student

Now that we know what studying is, and why it’s important, let’s look at the practical things you can implement into your daily life and routine to dramatically improve the success you achieve when putting in the effort to learn something!

Let’s look at:

15 great tips to becoming better at studying:

If you incorporate any of these practices into your study routine, you will already be a better student. Add all 15 and you will be one of the very best! Studying is all about applied effort, and as with anything in life, the stabler your foundation, the higher you’ll be able to build!

cultivate these qualities if you want to become better at studying

The 10 qualities of a great student

As a final section of this article, we are going to go over the qualities and traits that will insure you become a great student. Learning something new can be challenging and intimidating, however, if you have these characteristics in place, you will ensure that you are prepared for the game and will succeed at it in the long run!

Let’s look at:

The 10 qualities that make a great student:

The last 4 are especially important, being independent and accountable for your actions while being persistent with your efforts and adapting to any changes that may occur are not only good qualities for studying, but good qualities for being successful in life!

As I mentioned at the start, we are already all lifelong learners, and becoming a good student is something you will use everywhere you go! The better you are, the further you’ll get!

Great resources are the key to become better at studying
Cut yourself a master key to success!

Fantastic resources for students

I am a big believer in free or at least affordable education so before you spend a fortune on a high-end degree, take a look at some of the fantastic resources available out there! A lot of them are free, but there are also affordable courses available on everything under the sun from some of our partners!

The 10 best websites to help you become a better student:

You can check out our article on online educational platforms to get more info one great places to learn!

We live at an amazing time where the resources needed to master everything from basic science and math, to programming, music, investing and many more complex subjects are only a click away.

You’ve got this!

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