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So what are PACT goals and how do we set them?

The PACT system is the most outcome focussed goal-planning strategy. PACT stands for Purposeful, Actionable, Continuous, Trackable.

The PACT system consists of:

These all tie together to create the structure for the PACT system for goal setting!

By following these steps you will dramatically improve your odds of reaching your goals. They will teach you how to make them achievable from the start, break large goals into smaller tasks, as well as how to set them up in such a way that you are more likely to stick to your ambitions as you climb the stairs of success.

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The Purpose in PACT goals

The “P” in PACT goals stands for purpose. Goals have a strange relationship with Purpose, we need a purpose in order to want to create one in the first place, yet once it’s created, it’s actually that provides our lives with purpose.

A life without purpose is one where you drift between dreams, never quite succeeding or failing at anything, the type of life where you float between moments without actually living them. It is for this reason that purpose plays such an important role when determining your goals because the purpose you create is the person you will become.

So what should we ask ourselves when assigning purpose to our PACT goals?

Identifying the purpose of a goal is identifying the need for it to exist. It’s this reason that drives us forward, but it’s also only the first step along the journey.

What are pact goals and how do you use them

Are your PACT goals actionable?

Is there a valid reason for you to be undertaking this goal? Actionable doesn’t mean immediately taking action, instead, just as with finding purpose, actionable invites us to seek our reason for starting the task. Without a good reason, there is little to no motivation to take action in the first place.

Consider the following :

Without turning our goals actionable, they become more than a little meaningless. Being able to clearly identify why you are undertaking something, as well as how it will impact and improve your life is an essential part of turning them into reality!

How to set pack goals effectively

How to make PACT goals continuous

In the previous points, we discussed how to bring purpose and actionability into the picture. Now we add an element of continuity, or in other words, making sure the goals we set are repeatable over a long time horizon.

Continuity also helps us scale our goals, it is so easy to write up a list of goals set goals that are almost impossible to achieve, and the element of continuity helps us to compartmentalize and break down big tasks into smaller more manageable ones.

When you are setting continuous PACT goals, consider:

Continuity and its considerations become a really handy tool when defining our goals and applying it will allow you to manage them better while ensuring their sustainability, and bringing you much closer to achieving them.

10 minutes of practicing something like guitar every day may not seem like much, but do it every day for 6 months with a dedicated mindset, and you will have learned the basics of the instrument, 30 minutes and you’ll have mastered them. Apply the same steps for a year or two and you will find yourself a competent musician.

It’s all about the continuous effort you are able to dedicate toward something!

Pact goals are Purposeful, actionable, continious and trackable

PACT goals should always be trackable

We need trackability and the solid time horizon we mentioned earlier, to create a sense of urgency within ourselves. Otherwise, our goals inevitably get pushed to the back burner only to get forgotten most of the time.

When making your PACT goals trackable, consider:

This is perhaps the most important part of the PACT goal-setting model. The emphasis is on creating a structure for yourself to trace your progress along a time horizon, which if you do long enough, eventually creates a habit, which you can revisit, refine, and improve as you progress!

Pact goals are always trackable

The 5 Specific W’s of CLEAR goals

The 5 W’s are not part of the PACT model, however, they are such a great tool, that we included them as an extra to every one of the goal-setting models we cover on Things Learned After Thirty. By using them as a checklist to qualify your goals for the PACT model, you will be able to get twice the results, with half the effort.

The 5 W’s of goals setting are:

Instead of saying “I want to lose weight“, rather set the goal of cleaning up your diet and cutting out specific unhealthy foods while implementing a weekly walking routine. The first creates a vague outline, while the second provides a specific solution.

Use PACT goals to change your life

PACT goals will help you prevent that and insure that your goals are Purposeful, Actionable, Continuous, and Trackable, which will allow you to create some great realistic, and achievable goals that will have you well on your way to achieving your dreams and changing your life!

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